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TDC-1® Plated Bearing Races

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TDC-1® Proprietary Thin Dense Chrome

TDC-1® is an extremely hard chromium electroplating applied to metal under rigid quality controls to produce amazing wear and corrosion-resistant surfaces. TDC-1® has a superior degree of adherence and uniformity, protecting the parent metal from the eroding effects of friction, chemicals and the weather.

Thin dense chrome is of value to nearly every industry using precision metal parts and close tolerance fittings such as bearings and cutting surfaces. Thin dense chrome has been primarily applied to steel alloys but is applicable to most ferrous and nonferrous metals, with the exception of aluminum, magnesium and titanium.

TDC-1® is superior thin dense chrome providing superior adherence and uniformity that protects the parent metal from the eroding effects of friction, chemicals, and weather. Superior nodular TDC-1® makes the difference.

Ideal for Engineered Components

TDC-1® will not affect a growth of more than 0.0002 inches under normal circumstances, eliminating the need to undersize design calculations in most applications.

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Provides many advantages, including but not limited to:

TDC-1® Plated Bearing Races

Deposit Properties:


Can be certified to:

RoHS Compliant

TDC-1® finishes offered by Hi-Tec Plating, Inc. have been tested by an independent laboratory for the restricted substances that are expected to be present. The TDC-1® finish proved to be RoHS compliant for Cadmium, Chromium-VI, Lead and Mercury

No other restricted substances were tested since these are not expected to be present in these applications.

RoHS COMPLIANT means that the substances restricted by the EU Directive 2002/95/EC and subsequent amendments of the European Parliament are not contained in a finished product above threshold limits unless the restrictive substance is subject of an exemption contained in the RoHS Directive.

This statement of compliance by Hi-Tec Plating, Inc. is applies only to the TDC-1® finish. No statement of compliance is made or inferred concerning any items to which TDC-1® is applied.