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Eectroless Nickel Plating

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Electroless Nickel

Precision Electroless Nickel Plating, state of the art equipment and today's modern chemistries..

Electroless Nickel plating (autocatalytic nickel) is a chemical process that deposits nickel on a substrate without electrical current. With an autocatalytic process an even uniform coating is deposited regardless of the geometry of the item.

Uniform Coating

The uniform coating of electroless nickel plating means no unwanted build up. In electroplating, due to current density there is more build up along the edges of parts and recesses or holes often will not plate. With electroless nickel plating, there is no build up along the edges and holes plate with more ease. The result is a precision finish with an electroless nickel plating that is evenly distributed on your part.

Electroless Nickel plating processes at Hi-Tec Plating, Inc. use computer controlled chemical analysis and solution maintenance control systems. This equipment, along with in-house laboratory analyses, ensures correct electroless nickel plating bath chemistries at all times. Correct electroless nickel plating chemistry ensures a consistent, precision metal finish.


TDNC™ is a thin dense nickel composite, the next generation of Bearing Protection from the Leaders in Bearing Coating Technology.

For more information on TDNC™; click this link to Download Technical Data

Nickel Cobalt Alloy

A true alloy of Nickel and Cobalt is deposited on metal surfaces. Because this process is electroless nickel cobalt, the plating is extremely uniform when used on complex geometries. This feature is not achievable with existing electroplating technology. The electroless nickel cobalt alloy deposit is highly corrosion resistant with the added benefit of exceptional wear and abrasion resistant properties.

Hi-Tec Plating Electroless Nickel Cobalt is a precision plating process that can be used on close tolerance components for wear, corrosion, and anti-galling applications.


Ni–Comp–100™ is a composite electroless nickel plating process that deposits submicron particles of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) commonly referred to as Teflon® throughout a hard electroless nickel matrix. The percentage of Teflon® in the plated deposit is typically 20-25% by volume and is uniformly dispersed as occluded particles within the coating.

Reduce or Eliminate:

For more information on Ni–Comp–100™ click this link to Download Technical Data

NOTE: Teflon® is the brand name for a number of fluorinated polymers manufactured by EI DuPont de Nemours.

Other Electroless Nickel Plating Finishes

Mid Phosphorus Electroless Nickel is a moderately hard electroless nickel finish with better corrosion protection.

High Phosphorus Electroless Nickel provides superior corrosion protection when you need it most.

RoHS Compliant

The electroless nickel finishes offered by Hi-Tec Plating, Inc. have been tested by an independent laboratory for the restricted substsances that are expected to be present. All of the nickel finishes proved to be RoHS compliant for Cadmium, Chromium-VI, Lead and Mercury

No other restricted substances were tested since these are not expected to be present in these applications.

RoHS COMPLIANT means that the substances restricted by the EU Directive 2002/95/EC and subsequent amendments of the European Parliament are not contained in a finished product above threshold limits unless the restrictive substance is subject of an exemption contained in the RoHS Directive.

This statement of compliance by Hi-Tec Plating, Inc. is applies only to the electroless nickel finishes. No statement of compliance is made or inferred concerning any items to which the electroless nickel finish is applied.