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Hard Chrome Plated Parts

Corporate Headquarters: Seneca, SC Phone: 864-882-3311 — North Carolina Division: Statesville, NC Phone: 704-872-8969

Traditional Hard Chrome

Even with the emergence of competitive coatings, hard chrome electroplating is still in demand when longer wear and resistance to abrasion is needed. A properly applied hard chrome finish provides you with protection from abrasion tolerance, wear resistance as well as minimize galling or seizing of parts.

Our process provides superior functional hard chrome or industrial chrome plating for a variety of industrial applications.

Hard Chrome plating is known by many terms - industrial chrome, engineered chrome or functional chrome.

Generally, this type of chromium electroplating is applied as a fairly heavy coating (usually measured in thousandths of an inch) to a variety of substrates providing wear and corrosion protection against friction, chemicals, and weather as well as build-up for salvage applications for wear resistance.

If your specifications call for matte, satin, or flash chrome, our Hard Chrome department can meet your requirements.

RoHS Compliant

Hard chrome coatings offered by Hi-Tec Plating, Inc. have been tested by an independent laboratory for the restricted substances that are expected to be present. The hard chrome finish proved to be RoHS compliant for Cadmium, Chromium-VI, Lead and Mercury

No other restricted substances were tested since these are not expected to be present in these applications.

RoHS COMPLIANT means that the substances restricted by the EU Directive 2002/95/EC and subsequent amendments of the European Parliament are not contained in a finished product above threshold limits unless the restrictive substance is subject of an exemption contained in the RoHS Directive.

This statement of compliance by Hi-Tec Plating, Inc. is applies only to the hard chrome finish. No statement of compliance is made or inferred concerning any items to which hard chrome is applied.