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Precision Metal Finishing Since 1970

Since 1970, we have been providing precision metal finishing services to our industrial customers. By combining our vast metal finishing experience with state of the art equipment and today's modern chemistries, we continue to provide precision plating to serve the customers' needs. We offer metal finishing services to businesses throughout the United States from our two locations in North Carolina and South Carolina.

TDC-1 - Superior Thin Dense Chrome

The leader in thin dense chrome plating, Hi-Tec Plating, Inc. provides a superior finish with our proprietary thin dense chrome, TDC-1. An extremely durable chromium electroplating, TDC-1 has a superior degree of adherence and nodular uniformity for amazing wear and corrosion resistant properties. TDC-1 is of value to nearly every industry using precision metal parts, close tolerance fittings, bearings, and cutting surfaces. To learn more click TDC-1.

Hard Chrome - Industrial Chrome

If you need a heavier chromium finish, Hi-Tec Plating, Inc. offers hard chrome or industrial chrome. This finish has been used for many years to provide corrosion resistance and longer wear. In addition this you need a buildup of chrome on your part. To learn more click Hard Chrome.

Electroless Nickel Alternative

For a finish that is a longer lasting alternative, electroless nickel may be for you. With developing technology, electroless nickel plating is now in demand more than ever. Our Electroless Nickel processes provides outstanding corrosion protection and improved wearability. Depending on the properties you need, one of our electroless nickel finishes may be right. To learn more click Electroless Nickel.

Broad Spectrum of Industrial Applications

The metal finishing services provided by Hi-Tec Plating, Inc. have been proven successful for a broad spectrum of industrial activities. Some examples are: bearings, gears, cutting tools, dies, injection mold parts, cams, pumps, spools, plungers and other sliding components to name a few.

If your precision metal finishing needs are for chromium electroplating, we offer TDC-1 (thin dense chrome) or traditional Hard Chrome.

If your metal finishing needs are for an alternative to chrome electroplating, ask about our Electroless Nickel plating. Hi-Tec Plating, Inc. offers the latest in precision nickel finishing technology with TDNCTM - Thin Dense Nickel Composite and other nickel alloys.

Hi-Tec Plating, Inc. prides itself on the quality of the services that we provide. This is evident in that we have a history with many Fortune 500 companies since we began providing precision metal finishing services. We maintain in-house laboratories with the latest in inspection equipment to ensure a quality product. In addition we are ISO 9001:2000 certified so you can be assured we are continuously seeking ways to improve the precision metal finishing services we offer.

To learn more about the application that is right for you, click to see our Plating Services.

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